Saturday, April 29, 2017

Farm Catch Up - A not so short update on all the things

It's been a very busy Spring around here! We've been so busy working outside that I've barely had time to keep up on my farm tracking sheets, much less write for the blog. It's pretty icky out today, which honestly isn't any different from nearly every other day we've had in the last few months, but I'm caught up on outdoor work for the moment. Time for an update!
Magpie Harlequin rabbit kits, a couple of days before their eyes opened.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Great Chicken Experiment - 5 Week Chicken Check-in

We're over a month into The Great Chicken Experiment, and we're already seeing some pretty drastic differences in the birds. First of all, I did a weigh in for the first time today, and made a startling discovery: I have two extra chickens! Chicks don't exactly hold still for head counts, and apparently in all the kerfuffle, I missed a couple. Whoops!

At 5 weeks, the Cornish Rocks are in their own brooder in order to give them the extra room they need.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Great Chicken Experiment

Updated on 3/27/17 to add the last two breeds.

Since starting with chickens a year ago, we've been talking about raising birds specifically for meat. The birds we have now were chosen for laying, and while the ones we've culled were eaten; we want to be stocking the freezer, not just having the occasional stew when someone meets an untimely end.

Life seems to have been crazier than usual this season, so after talking over all the pros and cons of heritage vs. meat bird crosses, we decided to go easy this year and bring in ten Red Rangers for meat. Instead of a big project, we'd have a manageable number of chickens ready to process in a handful of weeks.