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It takes a lot of work to make a farm. It takes even more work to run one! I know there are a few hearty souls out there that are capable of keeping things running all on their own, but I am most definitely not one of them. Here's a bit about some of the residents of 7 Tree Farm.

Jeremy, my partner in all sorts of adventures for the last twenty-plus years, is the guy who makes it all possible. Not only is he a brilliant professor at a local university, he's the Main Muscle around the farm. I dream it up, and he makes it happen! It's pure magic, in my opinion, but I suspect there's a bit more to it than he lets on. He's incredibly kind and patient, and he doesn't even roll his eyes anymore when I cook up a new scheme... We couldn't do any of this without him!

This is Maxwell, my biggest helper and official chicken wrangler, dough sampler, and egg collector. She's also our resident architect. I've got blueprints for coops, work sheds, greenhouses, and tree houses. When I need help caring for an injured bird, this kid is the one I call. In addition to helping me feed the animals, she's a crack hand at fixing cars, too!

This is Lucas, and he's my comic relief on the farm. He asks the silliest questions and makes the best jokes when he's helping me herd chickens, feed animals, or pull weeds. He's our resident farm tools expert, proficient with shovels, rakes, pruners, and pitchforks. 

This is Conor. He's the chief assistant to the Head Muscle, and I frequently find the two of them out back working and talking. He's hardworking and reliable, and spends his spare time earning money doing the tedious farm chores no one else wants to do. He's worth every penny! 

This is Malcolm Jayne Reynolds - poodle, service dog, stander on-er of all things, and chief stress reliever of the farm's people. He's pretty sure he's a people too, come to think of it. He mostly goes by Mal, unless he's barking at the chickens again, and then it's his whole name and then some. 

I'm Tracey. I've dreamt of farm living for as long as I can remember, and I've always had something green growing, no matter where we've lived. It's been a while since we've lived anywhere where I could really dig into the dirt without voiding a rental contract. I've spent all those years dreaming, planning, thinking, reading, sketching... You get the idea. I've got loads of ideas to try out on the farm and in the kitchen, so stay turned!

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