Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Employee of the Month: February

February Employee of the Month

Miss Percy!

Congratulations to the little rooster that wasn't!

This little bit of sweetness started out her career 
on the farm as our tiniest fluff nugget!

Even as a tiny chick, Percy had a bucket list of hopes and dreams.

Growing quickly through the awkward teen phase of chickenhood, Percy rapidly established herself as head chicken of the flock. Her dominant nature, combined with her majestic red comb made us wonder if this chicken was, perhaps, a rooster! Oh, dear!

Check out that majestic hood ornament! Any rooster would be proud to wear that crown!

And those stunning feather patterns! So posh! So artsy!

We can't have roosters on the farm! 
Oh, no!
What shall we do about Percy?

21 weeks and 5 days after we brought her home...
Percy the maybe rooster laid the farm's first egg!

Pretty soon, Percy's peer pressure payed off, and all the girls started laying. 
Positively perfect, Percy!

And so 
because of your initiative in laying the first egg, 
your positive, can-do attitude about laying eggs all winter, 
and your daily attempts to roost on the top of the barn door in spite of the 
fact that we constantly try to thwart you, 
we are naming you, 
Miss Persistence Wilfried, 
employee of the month. 

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