Friday, January 27, 2017

The Burning Man of the Homesteading World

So when you're a homesteader, you start getting sucked into this whole world of people that you never would have known existed unless you started searching Google for things like "homesteading" and "permaculture" and "how to butcher a rabbit without traumatizing your kids and neighbors". This is something I can speak to as I actually did spend a fair amount of time googling rabbit processing* videos That's how I came across one of the best videos I've ever watched; it's how I discovered the Salatins.

More specifically, it's how I discovered the magic of Daniel Salatin. This is a guy that eloquently speaks to a crowd of onlookers about value adding as a way to create a sustainable income source, answers questions on the fly, and shares info on the statistics of running a farm, all while processing a batch of rabbits faster than anyone I've ever seen.

And, I can assure you that I've seen a lot of people process rabbits. When you know you have to do it yourself in the near future, you obsessively watch a lot of videos, trying to feel prepared. It's something you should first warn your family about though, otherwise, they start to get concerned when they keep catching you watching animal butchering videos on Youtube. 

Anyway, that's how I discovered the Salatins. Joel, Daniel's dad, is the driving force behind Polyface Farms, which is essential my dream farm. This family knows what's up. They get that we are stewards of our land, and that by carefully managing, as opposed to stripping and dumping chemicals, our lands can sustain us indefinitely. 

Fortunately for the Salatins, I don't live anywhere near them, otherwise I'd be trying to move onto their farm. I have to make due with just reading, watching, and following everything they do from a distance. 


JOEL SALATIN is one of the headliners at what is essentially 
the Burning Man of the Homesteading world!!!

You know what this means?

It means that if I can get to this conference, I can make a complete fool of myself over another celebrity! I wonder what idiotic things I might say? 

"Oooo! I just looove watching you guys kill bunnies!" or "Oh, MYgosh, I'm watching you. All. The. Time..."

You know, normal things that people say to total strangers. If you have no impulse control.

 Anyways, this conference is going to rock like a sustainably sourced, water retaining rock garden! 

* And by processing, I mean butchering, Jaime.

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